Antonio Vega: Oceano De Sol

Would you invite Antonio into your hole sol after a drink of scotch?

Antonio Vega is a Spanish musician. I haven't heard of him before but he's got a Wikipedia page translated in 8 different languages going for him, so there's that.

So what is there to say about this neat little obscure gem? The Scotch commercial has a hell of a catchy jingle with a lovely lady that likes to do hair whips. See it for yourself:

Track 2 contains a truncated, audio-only version of the Track 1 promo video / interview.

Another one from the Blazers collection. Scans available on

The Memory Works For Names And Faces

"The Memory Works For Names And Faces" has a pretty self-explanatory title. It's a memory specifically geared towards remembering peoples' names and matching them to faces and vice-versa.

It serves its purpose well. If I needed to remember names and/or faces, well I'd certainly use it.

The Charm: What makes the release neat other than it's intended purpose is the fun animations in the CDi-signature style - you know - Zelda - squadallah! Granted, the game isn't loaded with them, and you'll only find them in one of the sections ("Name & Face Mnemonics") - but they're in there! And heck that's pretty rad in its own right. Now mnemonics are devices where we come up with silly visual images - and it delivers:

This lady does not fuck around.

What happens if you mess around with the lady above her.

Oy vey, look at that schnoz!

Hey stop picking on people with big noses!

Take acid, become the may queen.

The Fail: I wish there were more interactivity in the quiz-your-knowledge scenarios. We're supposed to "grab a pen and paper" instead of some in-game quiz functionality. A real lost opportunity for the devs. But all things considered, of the two I'd rather have the neat-o animations!

Watch the playthrough below, the animations start at 10:43.

Worth a note: The packaging is interesting and well put together. Not only do you get a pamphlet style-book with it, but the in-case booklet has color and is nicely put together for it's own purpose. Between the pamphlet and the jewelcase, I'm not seeing a barcode - we have it on authority that a big box exists for the release as well.

Scans are available on Rom preserved with Another fine gem from the Blazers collection.

Power Match

It's always neat to discover an unknown (or at least very obscure) game, and Power Match fits that bill. However, obscure games are often obscure for a reason - and can be boring / broken. At first glance, I assumed Power Match was some boring flip-the-top-half-and-the-bottom-half-until-they-match game - but it's not.

In the top half and the bottom half are individual interactive clues that lead you to match themes to the other half - until a match lands. Then you'll unlock interactive media for that theme. It's a neat little title that capitalizes on the multimedia angle - rewarding you for successful matches. Another gem from the Blazers collection.

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