Two USA Sets of High Rarity - Dental & Court discs

 Lest it fly under the radar, a couple of very CD-i disc dump sets have been unleashed onto the archive today for the enjoyment of all. Thanks to Blazers for sharing these scans and disc images with the masses! Discs of this rarity are unicorns we'll unlikely see again.

A beautiful smile.

Learn how to beat that ticket!

Dr. Ross Nash - Cosmetic Techniques discs on

Michigan Judicial Institute on

These are old dumps from Blazers hard drive, so they'll be steering clear of database entry. But that doesn't mean you can't have a good time with 'em! If learning about teeth and law is your definition of a good time, of course.

Preservation Loan #009

Courtesy of our hero at The World of CD-i, omegalfa, another lovely batch of interactive gems is heading into the database to be preserved! Thanks a ton to UnlockerPT for handling the dumping / datting duties.

Lots of neat goodies! Enjoy this scavenger hunt of photos!


Demonstration Disc Scans Ahoy!

Today I've migrated over a few dozen Demonstration Disc scans into the Preserve CD-i account. My journey with CD-i preservation started with the Demonstration Disc series and I'm VERY MUCH KEEN to continue work in this area. Anyone who is collecting from this series (or is interested in dumping what they have for preservation) please reach out to me so we can combine our knowledge.

Additionally, I've been pouring in research to build a thorough (BUT STILL VERY INCOMPLETE!) preproduction disc list over on the Redump wiki.

CD-i Demonstration Discs, Etc ~ Photo Dumping Ground

Nothing particularly incredible here. Just posting a bunch of Demonstration photos for blogger archiving purposes.


Preservation Loan #008

 Another fat batch of goodness comes courtesy of our dear friend at The World of CDi, omegalfa. Dozens of undumped discs in this batch, with UnlockerPT heading the dumping / datting effort!

Tons and tons of rare multimedia in here! Arte Rupestre, Divination, Japanese Gifts to Behold, Triumph of the Baroque, and on and on.

Preservation Loan #007

Another fine batch of CD-i titles finds its way temporarily into my clutches via Blazers, the other half of the CD-i preservation godhead.


Among the batch is the cool baby smoking the cigarette (the baby is waaay cooler than you'll ever be, admit it), SOLAR CRUSADE the super expensive late game release in the CDi catalog, a fistful of other Euro exclusive games - Wimbledon Challenge, Whack A Bubble, Magic Eraser, No Problem All The Fun Of the Fair, Tetsou Gaiden, as well as a handful of jewelcase editions of USA titles that were also released on longbox (as part of a research experiment to find USA software revisions), Alice In Wonderland (just another game title we needed to cross off the USA games miss list), and the retail version of CD-i-branded VCD release "Wings Over the Gulf" (which we've confirmed matches the white label demonstration disc release).

This batch touches on a few of the milestones we should be coming up to in the next few months:

  1. Finishing dumping Euro exclusive game titles!
  2. Finishing dumping USA games!
  3. Deep research on USA Longbox vs USA Jewelcase revision hunting!
As a result, I see this batch as Part #1 of a targeted mission to specifically accomplish these HUGE preservation milestone/goals.

C-ditabac: Faits et Méfaits du Tabac (cool baby cd)

Preservation Loan #006

Courtesy of the legendary omegalfa and the premiere source of CD-i knowledge - The World of CD-i -  our Portuguese chapter of Preserve CD-i! has been loaned a massive tower of games to dump! UnlockerPT took on the massive workload of properly dumping, capturing ring code / barcode / serial numbers, and submitting the info to ~ with his hard work, the games were dumped in a day!

Of particular / undumped interest to me is a handful of Iberoamerica-region variants, an Italian Link: The Faces of Evil, verifying the Euro English language release, Archeon CD-i Quiz, a good chunk of 690-USA style serial Euro releases, and undumped serial variants.

Europe is always tricky for variant hunting due to the many serials. So it is extremely helpful to have a large batch of games to mine through to cross these serials off the needs list. It helps us discover new versions as well as confirm cross-serial verifications.

Thanks again to omegalfa and UnlockerPT for preserving these titles until humanity manages to extinct itself 💖